R.E. Communications is a limited liability corporation that specializes in helping organizations reach their goals through more effective communications. It was founded in October 2016 in the state of Maryland by Rhonda Ellis, who is an accomplished writer and communications strategist with more than 20 years of Fortune 500 experience in the communications field. After a successful career in corporate America, Rhonda formed R.E. Communications to offer her expertise and talent as an independent communications consultant.

Rhonda was born and raised in the Chicago area and came to Washington, D.C., to pursue a bachelor’s in International Relations from Georgetown University. She had a keen interest in world and domestic politics, but soon found that her passion was communications.

While attending school, she worked at a regional newspaper and subsequent to graduation secured a job in public relations at a Fortune 500 company where she had an award-winning career heading various communications disciplines—executive, financial and internal communications; corporate identity and branding; and graphic, photographic, audio visual and writing services. In addition, she played key roles developing and executing internal merger communications strategy, creating external and internal messaging during crises and developing customer engagement programs during times of strategic change.

Over time, her professional experience shaped her philosophy that effective communication is best measured by the level of audience engagement around strategic goals. No matter whether the target is the financial, employee or customer community, communications should measurably change feelings, reinforce desired thinking, or elicit desired actions or behaviors in support of strategic goals.

In 2009, Rhonda returned to school to earn a master’s in Strategic Communications from the George Washington University’s Graduate School of Political Management, where she combined her interest in politics and communications and earned the honor of class valedictorian.

Armed with enhanced knowledge, she tackled a new challenge: engaging voters in support of political candidates, successfully leading a campaign for county council and managing the media for county executive.

Today, she lives and works in Annapolis, Maryland, heading R.E. Communications, where she applies her deep communications knowledge and experience to developing executive communications and audience engagement strategies for corporate, political and other organizational clients. She loves the Annapolis area, and enjoys sailing with her husband on the Chesapeake Bay and riding her horse across the southern Maryland countryside.

And she’d love to work with you—whether you’re local to the Washington, D.C./Maryland area or just a computer click away. Simply send Rhonda an email at rhonda@relliscomm.com and she can start engaging your audience today to meet your strategic goals.