Professional Accomplishments

R.E. Communications is a consulting firm focused on developing executive communications and audience engagement strategies. Rhonda Ellis, founder and president, has more than 20 years of professional experience in the field. Some of her significant accomplishments include:

  • Leading the strategic planning and alignment, integration and implementation of internal communications and key external communications for a major corporation, with the goal of engaging and educating employees, stockholders, the investment community and various other key external stakeholders.
  • Providing strategic counsel and developing communications strategies and campaigns for the chairman, CEO and executive and senior leadership teams, that effectively communicated business strategy, key results and other strategic messaging to target audiences.
  • Developing and implementing internal communications merger strategy and tactics including executive updates, integration newsletters, presentations, employee surveys and merger day-one activities.
  • Writing communications such as speeches, positioning statements and strategic announcements and preparing visuals for executives for venues such as annual stockholders' meetings, annual reports to stockholders and annual corporate sustainability reports.
  • Developing and executing executive internal and external messaging in crisis situations.
  • Managing employee engagement programs.
    • Introducing webcasting and other digital technologies to enhance communications between executives and employees.
    • Creating interactive intranets and audience adoption programs that earned recognition from PR News Online Digital Communications Awards Program and won platinum from the MarCom Awards Competition.
    • Overseeing strategic print communications programs that garnered accolades from the LAPC Inspire Corporate Awards Publishing Competition and platinum from the MarCom Awards Competition.
  • Specializing in developing employee engagement networks that led to enhanced employee understanding and action around corporate issues
  • Successfully leading diverse teams that produced a highly lauded state-wide customer education program and secured $168.1 million in grants.
  • Serving as media manager for a county executive candidate and campaign manager for a county council candidate that led to an upset election win.

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